Why You Should Attend An Open House

Why You Should Attend An Open House

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The Open House

You’ve outgrown the house you’re in and find out you qualify for a mortgage that will let you upsize. Or, your kids have flown the nest and you’re ready to sell the family home and downsize. Or, maybe you are a first-time home-buyer and need help deciding what you want.

Open House Whatever the reason for purchasing a home, it’s important that you get a feel for what you want so you don’t spin your wheels and waste time or end up with something you don’t really want.

Open houses provide a taste of what your lifestyle would be like if you decide to buy something similar. 

Unless the seller still lives in the house the realtor will often stage the homes with unique furniture and compelling decor to help you visualize living there.

Attending open houses provide information that will be useful to you when you make a final decision.

You’ll get to explore other neighborhoods, check out schools or amenities you’re interested in and explore the various floor plans available.

Don’t Forget To Visit Open House For Fixer-Uppers Also

If you’re in the market for a fixer-upper, you’ll want to visit foreclosed or short-sale home listings.

Sites such as Foreclosure.com can help you find homes that have been foreclosed on in your area, which you can purchase below market price. 

Be aware that these homes usually need remodeling, fixing existing problems or replacing appliances. So be financially prepared to do some work with these types of homes.

If you have the time, energy and money to invest in a fixer-upper, it can be a great investment.  If you are unable to fix the house your self, compare contractors and see who offers the best services at the best price.  HomeAdvisor is an online service where you can check contractors’ reviews and services for free.

Why Do Real Estate Agents Hold Open Houses AnyWay?

The purpose of an open house is to let people know and see what’s available in a particular neighborhood. Even if you are not looking for a home at this particular time, agents will still welcome your visit. So always feel free to stop by.

Word of mouth is the most effective way to let people know that a home is on the market and ready to be seen.  Holding an open house is an effective marketing tool.  This is because, although you may not be in the market for a home, someone you know maybe, and hopefully you will tell them about the house.

What If your Agent Is Not Hosting The Open House?

Always remain loyal to your own agent. When you attend an open house and sign in, indicate that you already have an agent you’re working with. The agent at the open house will appreciate knowing that information and won’t attempt to solicit you to become his or her client.

Open House Etiquette

You should know the etiquette of attending open houses before you begin your search. For example, you should always sign-in and indicate whether you’re already working with a realtor or not.

When arriving at the open house, feel free to enter without ringing the doorbell or knocking, but always try to meet the agent. Some will take you through the house and show you special features while others will simply let you pick up a flyer and let you see the home on a self-guided tour.

Final Thoughts

If someone is still living in the home, respect their belongings. It’s not okay to open medicine cabinets and closets and rumble through their things. Always ask the agent if it’s alright to look inside a closed door.  The same respect you would like for a person to give to your home you should give to the sellers home.

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